Barnet College / Full-time Prospectus

Barnet and Southgate College is one of the largest further education colleges in England, with five campuses throughout the boroughs of Barnet and Enfield.

Barnet College Full-time_5
The College runs over 2,000 academic, professional, vocational and general interest courses, offering educational and training opportunities at all levels from pre-foundation to degree.

The College had recently opened a brand new campus in High Barnet and wanted to portray an overall perception of a vibrant community across all three prospectuses, it was important however not to major on the new build, as it could potentially downgrade the other campuses.

Face presented a number of concepts, but the option chosen offered an uncluttered design, which required good quality photography. We set up a two-day shoot and art directed all the shots to ensure the photography mirrored the concepts we presented.
As the college was split up into different schools, it made sense to colour-code each section with the various school colours and having this bleed down the outer edge, made it easy to flick through the prospectus, which greatly aided navigation.

A clean layout and lots of white space, made the suite of publications easy to read. As well as using full-page student profiles, we also used staff profiles, which conveyed the quality of teaching that the College was renowned for.

The suite of prospectuses clearly conveys a vibrant community without majoring on the new-build and has been well received by both students and staff.