Barnet College Campaign

Barnet and Southgate College is one of the largest further education colleges in England, with five campuses throughout the boroughs of Barnet and Enfield. Early figures suggested that recruitment was way down on the previous year, and so they called in Face.

Barnet Advertising_4
The College runs over 2,000 academic, professional, vocational and general interest courses, offering educational and training opportunities at all levels from pre-foundation to degree.

Prior to the merger with Southgate College, Barnet had embarked on a building expansion programme and a new campus was about to be opened in Barnet High Street. Although they were looking for a summer recruitment campaign, it couldn’t favour the exciting new site over the main campus at Wood Green. They had a significant budget for the campaign and it needed to deliver a considerable return on investment, as a substantial increase in student numbers was required to fill the new campus.

We developed an umbrella campaign under the headline — A place to succeed. We developed the theme across a broad range of media opportunities, which included: streetliners, bus backs, 48 sheet posters, Adshels, mobile posters and Adbikes. We also ran the campaign on Spotify, targeting users in the surrounding boroughs. The campaign linked back to a campaign website, via QR codes, where we could monitor the success of the campaign. This was also supported by a burst on local radio, which we used strategically, to support up and coming open days.

Analytics on the website showed a substantial increase in traffic as the campaign progressed and the campaign saw a significant increase in student numbers for both campuses and all recruitment targets were met.