Havering College Diary

Havering College, based in East London, provides access to an unrivalled range of courses from a diverse curriculum. We designed an academic diary for all full time students that just had to be used.

Havering College Diary_1
Having worked with the college for many years on a variety of projects including prospectuses, summer campaigns and other marketing collateral. The College wanted to add gravitas and value to the academic diary for full-time students.

The annual student diary is an important piece of print for all participating students, but creatively viewed as a commodity piece of literature rather than a well-designed handbook. We wanted to change
this and so designed a student diary that they would be proud to use, creating immediate impact when seen by their peers off the premises.

The quality publication speaks volumes, with a tactile cover and well-designed internal spreads, which are easy to navigate and thoughtfully laid-out and was well received by both students and staff.