HYMS Prospectus

Hull York Medical School (HYMS) wanted to portray themselves as fresh, innovative and distinctive. A real alternative to the more conventional, established provision usually associated with this sector.

HYMS Photography_5
The universities of York and Hull, in partnership with the NHS, set up HYMS in 2003. They currently have over 700 students and welcome 140 new students each year. They have excellent clinical facilities and benefit from the outstanding academic reputations of both parent universities. Their vision is to offer a cutting-edge medical curriculum for the 21st Century.

After pitching for the business, Face was tasked with producing a prospectus, which conveyed the essence of the Medical School to a very discerning audience. A key element was to portray the diversity of the institution, which again is at odds with a traditional medical school.
The design was contemporary and uncluttered, easy to navigate with large introduction paragraphs, which helped to lead the reader in. The front end of the prospectus featured double page spreads of evocative images, which set the tone of the publication. Internal sections were colour-coded so that the reader could easily differentiate between course information and important generic information about the college; student quotes were interspersed throughout the publication, giving a clear reflection of student life at both campuses.

The initial design has been used for the last three years and has been well received by HYMS, reaching all their objectives.