Lakes College West Cumbria Advertising Campaign

With it’s target audience spread across a wide, mainly rural area, Lakes College needed a high impact advertising campaign to get it’s messages out there.

Based between Workington and Whitehaven on the Cumbrian coast, Lakes College offers vocational courses, diplomas and apprenticeship courses with a small amount of higher education courses thrown in for good measure.

With an ever decreasing demographic and schools desperate to hold onto their students, the College was finding it more difficult to attract students. Their summer recruitment campaign had to work much harder than previous years, yet deliver a much greater return and with no increase in budget.

We looked at all media options and decided that television was a viable option with the region offering the lowest advertising rates in the
country. We convinced the marketing department to get extra funding for production, as we envisaged that the campaign could be used over a three year period and would offer a really good return on investment.

We drew up a storyboard and brought in Limehouse to produce the ad. This was supported by an outdoor and radio campaign, with QR codes encouraging interaction with the college website.

The campaign (now in it’s third year) has delivered year-on-year. But the real success culminated in the campaign being pulled two weeks early in 2011 as the College couldn’t process any more applications