Lakes College Prospectus 2011

After our brand overhaul, Lakes College were expecting a clear statement of intent with our prospectus. We didn’t disappoint.

Lakes Pro 2011_1
Having re-defined the brand, we were keen to design a prospects which clearly conveyed all the elements we had developed within the brand guidelines. The cover epitomised our vision of the College — bright, playful and inspirational. Silver foil was used to enhance the visual appeal.

The front end of the prospectus consisted of a 48-page gloss section with specially commissioned imagery from award-winning photographer Adrian Ray, which took the reader on a journey through the
college, with key profiles portraying a cross-section of the student population.

This contrasted with the remainder of the prospectus, which was printed on an uncoated paper. The section was split into two, a green section and a magenta section. The green section gave the reader all the necessary information on the College, how to apply, FAQ’s and travel information, whilst the magenta section consisted of course information.