Pembrokeshire College

Face Education Marketing developed a recruitment campaign to promote University of Glamorgan degrees to a largely rural community on the Pembrokeshire peninsula.

Pembrokeshire College is the county’s largest provider of a wide range of post-16 education and training, and delivers education provision to the surrounding area –
a sprawling and rural part of South West Wales. With approximately 2,000 full-time and 6,500 part-time students, it provides a wide choice of education – from leisure courses through to degrees.

With a limited budget and limited opportunities, our solution had to deliver results. With the ever-increasing cost of HE provision, we based our campaign on the benefits of studying locally. The Western Telegraph, is still the main source of news in the area, and was the focus for a highly emotive campaign. Research suggested that parents of potential students had a major involvement in the decision making process of where to study and were identified as a clear target for the campaign.
Our campaign was based around pride – we sourced parents of former and current students to deliver our message. These were all students who had chosen to study locally and had really benefited from the decision. The twist was using parents to convey the pride they had in their achievements. We commissioned and art-directed photography, which was instrumental in conveying the correct tone. The campaign was supported by several column inches of editorial running alongside the campaign, highlighting case studies of successful alumni.

The campaign was highly effective and also benefited the college by firmly positioning it within the community. A stand-alone prospectus, which we produced, also gave the campaign further longevity.